On Angelic Encounters



My Experiences with Angels

Angels did not simply manifest in their current state. They represent an entire species that has undergone a process of evolution, steadily ascending toward higher realms of Consciousness. With each passing stage, they have elevated their spiritual awareness.

Running parallel to the angelic realm are demons. However, through personal experiences and extensive literature, we come to understand that their goals and objectives differ significantly from those of the angels. Demons are consumers of energy, drawing upon various sources to sustain their existence. The angelic entities I have encountered exude a nurturing essence, emanating love and compassion.

Based on my experiences of higher consciousness, angels do not possess physical wings as commonly depicted. When individuals perceive what they interpret as angel wings, it is in fact a luminous energy radiating from their heads that swirls and envelops them.

Within the vast expanse of consciousness, a hierarchical structure unfolds, presenting us with diverse tiers of angelic beings. As we ascend these tiers, the spiritual expression of their beings intensifies, growing stronger and more profound. Each angelic entity exhibits remarkable individuality.

I have yet to encounter a pair of angels that resemble one another. There is no prototype angel.