On the Spiritual Journey



Tonight, before I went to sleep, I was reading CNN news. In it, there was a worldwide photo journal of people living and dying during Covid-19. I saw several elderly people who had died. Some alone. I was shocked into rethinking my commitment to retrievals. I had been overlooking the main characters in the cycle of birth and death: older people.

I knew then I had to expand my retrieval work to include children and the elderly. My aunt’s recent death from Covid brought it all home to my heart.

No more limitations in recoveries. I had to expand the scope of my work. The images set me on fire.

I went almost directly to City of Lights, not stopping and thinking at each stop. Connect, phase out, phase in and then out again. I now realize I was bypassing markers and comfort zones.

I phased into City of Lights from Consciousness Breakpoint Ring. I made it and went about collecting Helpers, asking for eight of them as my support team. I explained the new mission was to collect as many kids as possible and moveable elderly, if cogent, and explain where we were going. The great part of working in no time is there is no time. A lot can be accomplished in a noticeably short span of the clock in my head attached to the body now reclined in the meditation lazy-boy chair.

Through intention, I brought in the new infinity bus, remodeled with the expected exterior, bright yellow, and large wheels. A typical-looking bus from anywhere in the world. Inside the space was infinite. With as many seats as needed. As accommodating as needed. Happy, I climbed on board and phased to the Afterlife Energy Ring, arriving in my usual stop. There was a huge line, and I felt bad that so many were to be left behind until the next trip.

I stepped out, seeing that the Helpers were already at work. I walked through the crowd repeating, “This bus is going into the Light. Come aboard if you like.” I touched hands, smiled, and pointed to the bus door. Frankly, if I were them seeing this show, I would be very reluctant to get on board. On the other hand, I had not been standing around for years waiting for something to happen or an angel to collect me.

The bus looked full, so I closed the doors and with an almost seamless effort, phased out to City of Lights. When the bus appeared, I saw a crowd of Helpers in the reception area. It was like the outflow from a soccer game. They all watched the bus. When the doors opened, my Helpers started matching Helpers with kids and the older folk. All was good. Finally, a smooth recovery without drama!

I looked back down the bus and saw it was empty. The crowd of Helpers was almost gone. I asked my friend, “How many did we recover? It seemed like a lot.”

She looked shocked. “We brought home more than 10,000 people. We lost count.” It was my turn to be shocked. My idea of limits suggested a few hundred. Now I was faced with a situation of my own making that I found difficult to accept.

Why not? There are no limits to creating an intention. This was no time/no space, and all human limits were off. “Okay,” I shrugged and sent the bus back to its wherever. I said goodbye to the Helpers and phased out back to the meditation chair.

For the next week, I looked everywhere about recoveries and could not find out what the limiting factors are in retrievals. Then I asked the person at the Monroe Institute, “Is there a limit on recoveries?”

She wrote back, “No, there is not. In disasters, hundreds of people at one time have been recovered.” Finally, I started to allow the thought of +10,000 retrievals sink in. My response? Go for it. But slow down a bit. Cool down and think it through. Make the retrievals stick and not lose them in the process of phasing from here to there. We will see.

— Kevin Jeffers