Recovery of a Bad Guy



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I went to Focus City of Lights per Voyager 7 suggestions for various stops. It seems I can now phase into known areas with no waiting or moving around.

While in private space, I spent time reconfirming my self-protection procedures. These are:

– Running up energy shield and flow, verifying top and bottom overlays-maintain integrity

– Reaffirming intent

– Confirming commitment to the light to recover an individual stuck in City of Lights.

– Pulling out the small energy globe that someone gifted to me before entering the black zone again (silver and white, revolving and pulsing).

– Went to the park and requested four helpers to cover my back and help me get my work done.

Then I phased back to the After Life Energy Ring.

On arrival, I got my bearings. The light gray receded into pitch black). I must sort out my target, clear, and leave or choose something else to do here. I had to set aside the fear and anxiety of the “almost” entrapment in the black space. I walked to a location that I knew from the entrapment attempt where there was an outstanding one-time offer to be made. Past the grays, careful not to touch anything. Checked helpers; they did not communicate, though I just knew they were there.

Then I met the Soul from before. Instead of chatting, I pulled the globe out of my abdominal area stashed between chakras 2 and 3. I held it in my hand as it glowed softly in the dark. I looked at the fellow who had smeared me with his corruption and who for some reason understood and agreed to a remake of his Soul. Ouch.

I slowly lowered the globe in my left hand, expecting him to try and grab it again. He watched the light, and his anger/fear energy subsided a little.

I held the globe in front of his face. It was amazingly beautiful in that place. He looked at me and I said, “Do you want to the Light?” Then I pointed out the light above the rim of his world. “I will help you go there. Others will help shape you. It is time to clean up your energy and get recycled for another try.” No soft chat or assurances like with the kids.

He looked at me with intense and frightening yellow eyes, the meanest I had ever seen. I knew the intent to grab and suffocate me was present for a moment before it subsided. He blinked, which was good enough for me. I heard the call to go back to City of Lights. I held his wrist in my right hand, then pulled him up and out from where he was stuck. We walked out through the grays and phased back to City of Lights. Helpers just watched; no help there. I phased to and entered City of Lights, feeling its unique vibration from the sheer beauty of the place.

I looked down. In my arms was a baby. Male. Six months old. Gurgling. A clean sheet of paper. The heavy lifting had been done in no time when I was phasing. A lot of work had been done before my arrival. I was incredibly surprised and passed him to two approaching Helpers, who took him without a word and walked away. No rough words for me this time!

I decided this was enough, and headed back to the current time location, stage by stage, to smooth out my energy field. I felt good then. 

There were surprises around every corner – a lethal devourer of Souls could be transformed into a sparkling clean little baby.