Response to a Question on What Do I See in Soul Retrievals



What do I see during soul retrievals?

It’s all energy. When I am engaged in this work, I have consciousness of who I am here and who I am there. The body and other bodies are just energy. I see what seems to be a face, a ghost of a form wrapped around the brilliance of the soul. You know if it’s a boy or girl, or older person, but it’s all energy moving. If you think of a movie where a person gets hit by a death ray in a science fiction movie, they become fragments.

Similarly, fragments form my reality at the moment of a retrieval. It’s swirling energy in bright colors. In my experience, if you see a fully human form in Spirit, that is a construct to allow you to respond to something. When you are in spirit you don’t have a body. You are an energy configuration depending on your wants and needs and likes.

After lift off from earth with its very condensed slow-moving energy, the farther out / deeper in you are experiencing, everything becomes a multitude of energy configurations.

There are building simulations souls create and use to gather in; some are learning, others healing, others are training centers. These are more “solid” as they have been used for a very long time, retaining bits of energetic residue.

When you enter into higher frequencies that is no need for shape or form, yet we continue to use form as a measure of comfort in verifying that we are seeing what we see.

Happy travels!