Shifting Consciousness



I use the term “shifting consciousness” to describe the process of lifting one aspect of my consciousness into the spiritual world. 

“Shifting consciousness” simply means changing from one mode or form of perception to another. I become conscious of things on a spiritual plane because I am not paying attention to my body. When my mind sleeps, my energetic self becomes awakened and functioning. It had been quiet when I was in the body. 

In shifting consciousness, I am in control and lucid, but this is not a dream. A lucid dream implies a shape of reality that is similar to our waking moments, but shifting consciousness is not in the dream context. When I shift consciousness, I collect information. I am active and self-directed. I interact and talk with other beings including angels or guardians. This experience does not alter my sense of reality when I return. It just provides more supplemental data. These beings are not going to overwhelm your consciousness, but you will remember what they said as if you listened to a lecture. 

This is also different from a trance, where you open yourself up to whatever shows up. I don’t lose consciousness or become immobilized or a mouthpiece for some spirit. 

I recommend energetically shielding yourself so you are less likely to have unwanted involuntary experiences.