Soul Retrieval



In my experience there is an energy field that wraps itself around the earth. Souls who have tied and not passed into the Light are contained within it, mostly because they have issues. Some want to stay to protect their family or loved ones. Others have died quickly and violently.

How did they get there? After you’ve died, you’re operating in a much higher frequency than here so you lift and enter this energy field around the earth. In that field, many don’t know what to do.

During the early phases of my expansion into Soul Retrieval, I found it frightening to enter among this mass of souls who were not released. They were grabbing and talking and crying and screaming. The longer you live the more loved ones you have lost. I ended up seeing some relatives of mine.

I knew from my own particular near-death experience that these souls needed to find the Light. I felt compelled in my heart how to help them move through to the Light. That’s all I cared about — no judgments, no considerations. My motivation is just knowing that they’re there, and they’re stuck and need to go on.

I retrieved my mother after I found her at a certain location cooking. She was Italian and cooked for the kids all her life. There she would be cooking lasagna or spaghetti or gnocchi in an empty house. She’d put the meals aside and then realize there was nothing and nobody around and started cooking again. I said, “Let’s go see your aunt and your mom and your sister.” This pulled her out of the delusion of cooking. She was happy there, but a greater happiness awaited her in the Light.

Our purpose is not to get stuck. It’s not our purpose to hang out in that black either waiting for something to happen. Our purpose is to come here to earth to finish our own personal commitment or project and move on.

Spirit began to point out to me individuals who needed to move on. When my consciousness was in that energy field around the earth, a guide would point them out.

Some are not ready to go and are not a priority. They’re completing a cycle that they’re engaged in upon their death. Some are stuck in a cycle of greed and simply don’t want to leave; they had a great time being greedy and want to stay.

Many people are in the recovery “business” like me (including Father Nathan Castle). The work is overwhelming. Millions upon millions of people are circling the planet, looking for a way into the planet or looking for a way out of the planet. They just don’t know better or haven’t considered the possibilities of the Light.

When I bring someone into the Light, I’m astonished to find that there is a reception committee, which is astonishing considering how many people die every year. Maybe 50 to 55 million people die every year. Most are retrieved through relationships and family and bonds of love and many are not. When someone is recovered and brought into the Light, a reception committee awaits that embraces them, loves them, and then walks them over to what I call The Healing Center.