Spirit Sessions A View of the Light


Kevin’s June 10 interview with Victoria Anderson

Highlight from the show:

Our potentiality directs us to expand into greater consciousness. We came here to uplift ourselves into something greater than our who we are. We didn’t come to earth to play and have fun so much as we came here to learn.

If you look at yourself as a forever being, you don’t die in soul. One life is a very compact expression of experience, even if you live to be 80 or 90.  It may feel like you’ve lived forever but it’s really a little blink of the eye. After you’ve learned what you’ve learned, you move back to your totality—your Higher Self—and you add your contribution to it, as if you are returning from a scouting mission where you’ve learned the lay of the land and added that knowledge back to the greater totality of self so that your Self can move forward in its desire for higher degrees of consciousness. The Pattern is how we can do this or how we can see that we’re doing this.