The First Man – a Retrieval



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I opened the door with the Tre’ Noc entering a horseshoe-shaped stone-finished tunnel then entered and walked a bit. The Tre’ Noc is an ancient instrument of power gifted to me by someone/something (I don’t know). It showed up during an exploration of various hells and stayed with me.

There was another door that I opened with Tre’ Noc. I had learned the hard way to be overly cautious. And saw a presence that filled the room, though no danger signals radiating from it. Why the security? I asked the question, “Your retrieval is well past the date of its approval. Do you want to go to the Light?” There was no reply. I brought out Tre’Noc from its resting place and showed him. The massive form condensed to a man who was a bit tall, slender, and luminous. I pay attention to the quality of the light energies a Soul emits, not the form or design.

He looked older, fully bearded. I asked his name but again no reply. He stared at me, eyes questioning. In this form, I am almost unreadable except by my own House. I asked again, then his form brightened, emitting acceptance. This was real, and he was leaving. The Tre’Noc was the stamp of approval he needed to decide.

I asked to touch him then moving forward saw he was bound to a chair, double locked down. I started popping locks and restraints. Yes, a man, very bright incredibly old, everything needed to define human. Head, chest, wrists, and legs.

He stood and I saw a completed Soul. A Soul in its majesty, as my House had hoped for but could not see as they were locked out of the Human Energy System. He yet had no name. That would come when the defenses dropped. I just saw what he was and knew this truth.

I asked if he was ok with my touch. He looked at the Tre’ Noc and smiled. Knew Tre’ Noc was a containment field. More of the same for him. We walked out the inner doors then to the outside and phased to the Bullet. I asked him to sit in a containment seat. He nodded and I knew there would be no problems. My precautions amused him.

I walked out to the kids. They were all loaded but one, a little girl who sat on the ground, arms wrapped around her knees. She looked up at me.

She looked 10 – 12 years old. She was my daughter from my second year of marriage. My wife had a miscarriage and the baby she was growing died.

The girl said her name is Elizabeth. I held her tightly in my arms, hugging and kissing her. She was a happy young lady. Daddy held her in his arms. And Daddy was the one who retrieved her from this dreadful place. If only I had known.

We walked to the bus, and I lovingly seated her, facing me for the noticeably short trip.

The retrieval saw this, and all suspicion left his face. He knew this was real and not another game with the Managers.

I sat down, inserted the Tre’ Noc into the overhead control panel, and phased out, back to City of Lights. We landed ok, and the doors opened. I took Elizabeth, my lost beloved daughter to a Helper, and held her again in an embrace. “I will see you again little one.” She nodded now excited to go to the next adventure.

We unloaded everyone and then I brought the retrieval to a group waiting there for him.

He looked at me and said, “My name is Xenon, the first of the humans after awakening. I am the beginning and the end. When your people seeded the earth about 300,000 years ago, my group was first centered in Soul consciousness.”

This was about 100,000 years ago.

He continued. “As I am among the first, I will be here with the last to leave when this work is done.” He then looked into me, and said, “You will see everything, see into everything, and see what you are looking for. No shadows, no deflection, you will see everything there is.” He touched me lightly on my chest.

He turned to the Helpers who arrived to escort him out, he knew them all. They were robed in multi-colored luminous single-piece robes They all bowed respectfully as he spoke to them. I did not pick up his words but from their body posture, these were acolytes/followers/supporters. Before he entered the portal, he looked back at me and smiled.

I had met the beginning and the end of all humans. A pure human as designed by my people and nurtured for thousands of years.

He left. I felt a little sad.

Then I pushed the Bullet back home and thanked the Helpers. I felt the pull of my body to return. Very tired. So much work. We had a full load of retrievals, 750,000 plus. The numbers no longer hold my interest. I then was pulled back to home base.