The “Magic” of Energy



Magic, as is commonly known, is simply creating a shift in reality that requires intention and the will to make a change.

This process is about seeing the energy configuration of the idea, object, or thought that is the target of a change/alteration. Seeing energy requires the focus to change its shape and the intention fully formed and crystallized in the sender’s wind. I call this wrapping intention in the energy force of the will, then sending the reconfigured reality into the object target. Force of will is required to get past the blocks set into place by the object and really persuade the target to realign its energy construct.

Quantum physics tells us there are universes between atoms. Open space that may be used to work around and influence the atoms of the target construct.

My approach is to meditate and bring peace to my body and then, once quiet, use the focus of my will to create an intention and sent it out to the intended target. How is this done? As always, unless you are naturally gifted in this process, what is needed is practice.

Practice quieting your body and thoughts, creating the intent to see the object of change as an energy field, then shape what it is that you need/want.  Shaping is the energetic replacement of the object. Send that out from yourself and guide this clarified intent to where it is intended to go.

Clarified intent — the cooperation between yourself and the forces of creative energy — shapes the intent, then wraps it with the will to release and direct outwards. This is a make-bake of the process into its intended shape, like a cookbook that directs every step.

Every process is new and changeable. In this universe of creativity, all objects are in energetic motion. Move with the energy you create, see its path, direct its motion, and then see what happens.

Go out, persuade an object to change, provide an alternative shape for it, and see what happens.

Good luck!

— Kevin Jeffers