The Outer Realm interviews Kevin Jeffers


On April 13, Kevin was interviewed by The Outer Realm with Michelle Desrochers and Amelia Pisano. This show has 2.2 million listeners across many platforms. Kevin shared stories and advice about his expansion of consciousness and experiences with non-human intelligence. Listen to the show to learn about:

• Overcoming fear to have expanded consciousness in out-of-body experiences

• Recalling out-of-body experiences

• His out-of-body experience to explore a black hole to experience a new configuration of energy patterns

• Demons, aliens, angels, and archangels

• Transmigration of souls and what drives it

• Reintegrating energy from past lives

• His encounter with a certain alien and his guide’s warning

• The balance of positive and negative energy

And much more!

As a consciousness explorer, you will find the conversation to be both intriguing and enlightening. So, go ahead and give it a listen to expand your knowledge and perspective on the mysteries of the universe. Rather than answering all of your questions, Kevin hopes it will prompt more questions from you!