Transcending Earthly Perspectives



When I venture into higher levels of frequency and engage in conversations with friends I’ve made over the years – many of whom could be described as Spirit guides or different forms of consciousness – they perceive the Earthly perspective on life as nonsensical. They fail to comprehend prejudices, judgments, or the reasons why people need to conform to societal norms, given our internal understanding of who we truly are.

In truth, the majority of individuals are inherently good, although there are some who exhibit negative behavior due to a distortion in their expression of consciousness. As a collective, we tend to protect our neighbors, care for our families, and support the elderly, acting in accordance with what we believe is right because we are connected to our higher selves. This connection serves as a direct line of communication from us to our higher selves.

Despite the belief that prejudicial behaviors and judgments are absurd, they are a part of our reality. However, Spirit collaborates with us to help transcend our limited concepts and restrictions. Spirit plays an integral role in our lives, even though we often fail to recognize it because we are not attuned to the higher frequencies. This disconnect may stem from disbelief in these higher frequencies or from teachings that suggest they can only be accessed through specific religious organizations.

My perspective is that each of us possesses the potential to individually evolve into a higher expression of ourselves, beyond our current limitations.