Viking Past Life



At 18, I had already worked as a healer and I decided to consult a hypnotist specializing in past life regression. Back in the 1970s, past life regression through hypnosis was generally unheard of. While some psychologists dabbled in it, it was far from the mainstream. But the idea appealed to me, and the hypnotist guided me through a process leading me to experience a past life. In this memory, I was a Viking – a group known for its notorious reputation. I was aboard a ship, with my brother as the captain. It wasn’t unusual for siblings to sail together in those times. As we sailed, we came across our enemies. From my perch high on the mast – a spot my protective brother had placed me in – I observed the scene unfolding below. The experience was so vivid and real. Suddenly, I felt a jarring sensation in my chest, looking down to see an arrow. That marked the abrupt end of that life.

In this life, I’ve always had a peculiar mark on my chest. After the regression, I began to wonder if there was a connection between that mark and the arrow from my past life. Seeking clarity, I consulted an oncologist who expressed concern and conducted some tests. Thankfully, the results confirmed it was benign.

This experience made me ponder deeply about the influence of our past lives on our present – not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

— Kevin Jeffers