Vision of Buddha



The Core Essence, or part of our Being that dwells in absolute freedom within the Pattern, orchestrates and propels every other component of us towards integration. In terms of Spirit, there is no concept of time, commencement, or cessation—merely infinite present. Our Core Essence inhabits this milieu of “endless now” and possesses the ability to tap into the energy of creation. Hence, we own a power potential that defies measurement.

Our Core Essence steers and fosters our metamorphosing Beings simultaneously, guiding us toward our final objective of amalgamation with Spirit. Eventually, we will rejoin Spirit to persist eternally in its vibrant state of creation. Meanwhile, the Core Essence, or our Higher Self, dispatches us into creation to explore and comprehend every facet of the physical world—allowing us to operate freely, err, learn, evolve, and mature. We undergo this through an apparently boundless number of lifetimes in physical and non-physical realities.

— Kevin Jeffers