What Are We Doing Here?



We, individuals of various genders, ages, opportunities, and cultures, often perceive ourselves as warriors thrust into battle armed with inadequate weapons and insufficient resources. We see ourselves as intrepid explorers scaling the treacherous slopes of a towering mountain. Consequently, we consider ourselves to be the embodiment of human existence—not mere primitive predecessors awaiting a superior model.

Our lives lack foresight; we merely react to the actions triggered by other reactions. We are fixated on the culmination we perceive, not on the genesis. Is it any wonder then that the most exceptional among us strive to enhance their self-preservation skills? What else is there to pursue, we ponder?

We implore for safeguards against the uncertainties of life, yearning to dwell securely and snugly within the confines of our society—indignant with righteousness. Bereft of a spiritual reference point, devoid of tangible evidence of the divine, or a sense of eternity, we find ourselves adrift, both individually and collectively, amidst the boundless possibilities of an ever-shifting reality— an ever-evolving future. No moment offers more security than the preceding one. Perhaps we believe that a favorable adjustment—or at the very least, a tolerable one—will manifest at some point, someday, somewhere.

But reality does not function in such a manner.

From the vantage point of the present reality, we fail to comprehend or acknowledge that we are engaged in a process of learning and growth that will span thousands of years, accompanied by countless tears. How can we find stability and certainty in our lives when we scarcely plan beyond the upcoming week, or even tomorrow?

Instead, consumed by anguish and frustration, we resort to addictions to numb or invigorate our overwhelmed senses, seeking transient moments of euphoria that momentarily wash away our fears and create islands of personal contentment. Yet, even these respites are swiftly dismantled by the brisk winds of life’s ever-changing patterns.

These addictions—both significant and trivial—dictate our lives with an iron grip. They divert our best intentions toward personal gratification, forcing fleeting moments of solitude and tranquility.

We remain unaware of our powerlessness in the face of an ignorant reality that fails to acknowledge its origins. Neither our minds nor our fortitude can effectively withstand the pressures exerted upon us by the ceaseless rhythm and beat of life. There is no all-encompassing self concealed within or dwelling within us, poised to salvage our shattered realities. There is only you and me, seeking compromises and accommodations within the grander scheme of Spirit.

We have long forgotten that we collectively established these rules in cooperation with Spirit. In Spirit, we recognized the game that promptly programmed our consciousness to forget its Creator. We yearned to progress beyond the eternal bliss of Spirit, thus embracing the material world as our instructor and mentor.

All of this slips from our memory, and in turn, we ponder the rationale behind this madness. Why? As pure Spirit, we trod the eternal path of sameness. We observed from a distance the struggles faced by our fellow beings and were drawn by the love that unites our individual Selves with the agonies and horrors experienced by other Selves. From our heavenly vantage point, our fears appeared unfounded—life was a perfect spectacle to behold. The enticing allure of material reality, the promise of pleasure, and the gift of life beckoned us forward.

In this perfect vision of Spirit, we became our own creators and swiftly anchored our feet in the dense quagmire of earthly existence.