You may wonder why you took on the challenges that you did…



You may wonder why you took on the challenges that you did. When everything is measured and tested solely within the context of your current existence, it can seem perplexing. When you take a longer view and project yourself beyond the immediate reality of your life, it’s not surprising at all. You have to consider this alternative perspective, rather than simply focusing on the suffering you may witness in your present life. When you view the totality of your experiences in the context of multiple lifetimes, it takes on a different meaning.

The experiences of suffering, when observed in people who are enduring it, may lead you to wonder why they suffer while you do not. It may evoke feelings of compassion and empathy for their situation, making you question why you are in a more fortunate position.

In my view, this disparity in life experiences is a result of the choices individuals made before they were born. These choices include the selection of parents, relatives, the city they are born in, and the influence of socio-economic and political factors. They knew that this specific environment was necessary for them to undergo the experiences they intended to have.

When life comes to an end, you leave behind these earthly concerns. You enter a different state, where you reunite with old companions who have been part of your journey for hundreds of thousands of years. In this realm, you share stories and experiences, akin to having a conversation over a drink, but on an angelic level.